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  1. Here is a link to the Center for the Future of Work expertise-finding research report — papers are cited at the end;

    There is a long history of using software artifacts to identify expertise — here are a few of the papers I have seen:

    McDonald, D. W. and M. S. Ackerman. Expertise
    Recommender: A Flexible Re commenda t ion System and
    Architecture. in A C M Conference on Computer Suppor t ed
    Cooperative Work. 2000. Philadelphia, PA: ACM Press

    Mockus, A., & Herbsleb, J.D. (2002). Expertise Browser: A quantitative approach to identifying expertise. In Proceedings of International Conference on Software Engineering, Orlando, FL, May 19-25, pp. 503-512.

    Fritz, T., Ou, J., Murphy, G. C. and Murphy-Hill, E. (2010). A degree-of-knowledge model to capture source code familiarity. In Proceedings, International Conference on Software Engineering, pp. 385-394.

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